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2023 Reflections: Valuable Lessons Learned and How You Can Succeed in 2024
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2023 Reflections: Valuable Lessons Learned and How You Can Succeed in 2024

Welcome, 2024! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling very positive about the outlook of a clean slate for the new year.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on 2023. For me, it was probably one of my hardest years. There were a TON of ups and downs.

I struggled with anxiety and establishing boundaries at work and at home. I’m raising a teenager and toddlers. Let me tell you, it has been a roller coaster. I hope someday I can offer some advice in this department to you all, but right now, I’m still learning and trying to figure it all out. Every year is a new challenge.

2023 was the year I went for it. Owning and running a planner business has been a dream of mine for a few years now.

I started tackling that dream one day at a time and ultimately launched in late 2023. It has been such an exciting and overall fulfilling accomplishment. Goals and business metrics aside, I can’t help but stop and just admire the fact that I did it.

Looking out into 2024, I have much more optimism. I have so many things I learned through the struggles of 2023, and since I took the time to reflect on those, I wanted to be sure to share those lessons with you all in the hopes that it will serve you in some capacity:

There is no balance without boundaries. I’ve talked with you all about the importance of boundaries. But they aren’t just words. You need to truly practice it and enforce it with the people in your lives in order to feel the benefits. Work-life balance doesn’t exist without proper boundaries and practice between professional and personal responsibilities.

Your values mean everything. Without establishing your core values, you have no north star to guide you. And values aren’t something you can just find on the internet or through ChatGPT. They live inside you, and you need to excavate them out. Write them on paper, make them visible and use them to guide you through hard experiences. I will share my values with you all:

  • Balance and Boundaries: Fostering harmony through balance; valuing personal boundaries for a fulfilling life.
  • Empowerment and Resourcefulness: Nurturing self-reliance and creative problem-solving in every endeavor.
  • Continuous Growth and Learning: Committing to perpetual growth, embracing every opportunity to learn and evolve.

    And finally, just go for it. I recently emphasized the importance of taking daily action towards a goal in a blog. I started journaling one thing a day I did to work towards a goal. In January 2023, I had two goals: launching Friday Afternoons Co. and changing a work situation that was no longer serving me. I'm thrilled to say I accomplished both in 2023, largely thanks to the one-thing-a-day journal approach. You can do it too! 

    For more inspiration, read the full blog post, and if you haven't already, download our free yearly planner printable to set your goals and intentions for the new year.

    Now, for the fun stuff! This month, I'm spicing things up with something new! I'm thrilled to keep the tradition alive by creating and sharing our monthly desktop wallpaper calendars with you all. I understand design is highly subjective, so I'm offering not one, not two, but three different options. And hey, there's even a phone wallpaper without the calendar. 

    Take a peek at the designs below, choose your absolute favorite, and give your workspace a well-deserved refresh!

    january 2024 desktop wallpaper desktop background

    gradient january 2024 desktop background desktop wallpaper

    Get ready, because, throughout the exciting month of January, we're ramping up the content! It's that fantastic time of year for planner enthusiasts, after all. So, stay tuned for an abundance of fresh blog posts, exclusive tips on conquering time management and boosting productivity, and a whole lot more. We're here to assist you on your path to achieving a more balanced work-life harmony.

    Wishing you all a wonderful New Year! May 2024 bring you abundant success and happiness!

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